Small Investments (SIP / Lumpsum)

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Value Investing or Quant Based Fundamental Investing. You can subscribe to our investment advice on the click of a button.

We offer you products for SIP as well as Lump-sum investing and help you with the right customized investments and the right entry and exit strategies basis your personal financial profile.

Moreover, you can own shares in the Demat account of the Broker of your choice (i.e. Kotak, Edelweiss, Zerodha, HDFC, ICICI, 5Paisa etc )

Proven Market Leader Vision Fund (Algorithm Based Multi-cap Investing)

"Multicap Strategy investing in Established Companies who have been leaders & dominated/sector their industry over multiple market /GDP Cycles.Tactical allocation of capital is done based on Economy Cycle & Company Lifecycle. Emphasis on High Quality Business linked to Indian Consumption & Growth Story, Low Debt To Equity, Sustainability Of Operating & Profit Margins amidst disruption in technology &, Strong Competitive Edge Over Peers( Moat), Visibility Of Earnings & aided by economic/policy tailwinds . Rigorous Stock Selection based on 40 Performance Metrics & 9 Valuation Metrics. Creating Wealth by buying the " Right Business- Free Cash Flow Generating & Strong Balance Sheet " at the "Right valuation " when the uptrend starts & selling when valuations peaks & trend turns bearish. Our proprietary algorithm helps to identify long term trends to determine entry/ exit decisions thereby generating wealth for our partners. Goal is to outperform Indexes, Mutual Funds & Diversified PMSs by 5-8%. "

Minimum Time Horizon: 1.5 Years - 3 Years

Multi-bagger Investing (Special)

SIP Investment in stocks that have the potential to turn to multi baggers This is our Multi-bagger Strategy.

Over the years our Fund Managers have consistently compounded wealth by investing in stocks that have become multi-baggers. This is a value strategy where the stocks are selected basis corporate governance, potential to grow, industry dynamics, company fundamentals, valuations, promoter integrity and capability. We also lay emphasis on company strategies of marketing, R & D spend, product capabilities, competition, feed-back from stakeholders etc.

We have a comprehensive report documented, quarterly updated and shared for all the investments done under this strategy.

Time Horizon- Minimum 3-5 Years

Smart Index- Dalal Street –

Smartly accumulate Bluechip stocks through SIP

Sensex (India Index) has risen by over 16% CAGR (compounding) over the last 40 years since inception. This Index constitutes of the most consistent compounders of wealth in India.

Sensex is a free float market weight stock market index of 30 well established and financially sound companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange of India.

Historically, at a time horizon, only 15-25 stocks in the Index perform while the rest of the stocks underperform. Smart Index carefully selects the best 20-25 companies out of the 30 companies represented by Sensex. This scheme also times the entry and exit through staggered buying and selling. This strategy helps in generating a 2-5 pc alpha over the Sensex returns.

Time Horizon- Minimum 1 Year

The Banking Street

Lumpsum investing in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies

BFSI stocks have high weight in most of the mutual fund and smart money investors. These stocks rise together and correct together. Through this strategy, you can park lumpsum investment in these stocks to take benefits from the uptick in BFSI index. We will send sell update on the complete portfolio when we feel that the momentum in this BFSI index has reversed.

Time Horizon- Minimum 1 Year


A smallcase is a basket of stocks that reflects an idea. This idea is made into a portfolio which is called smallcase. Smallcases can have stocks or ETFs, which are intelligently weighted to achieve a particular objective.

Different smallcases have different goals and different use cases, with that kept in mind the risk exposure also varies from smallcase to smallcase hence varying performances.

Smallcase is supported by all the major brokers namely: Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, HDFC Securities, IIFL, Kotak Securities, Axis Direct, Motilal Oswal to name a few.

We have set our charges at an affordable price for the average retail investor while ensuring that the charges are fair as per industry standards, our charges range from Rs 3500 to Rs 5900, for a 6 months subscription to a 1 year subscription. You can learn more about our pricing here.

Once you have made the first time investment required for a smallcase, you can then continue investing in the smallcase with a minimum SIP on a monthly basis for consistent capital growth.

The money you invest and the stocks you invest in through the smallcase remains in your trading and demat account, hence you can check their performance on a live basis. The smallcase app also lets you track you investments in smallcase on a daily basis. Green Portfolio also has a telegram for you to join where we give regular updates about developments in our smallcases and the markets in general. You do not have to be a smallcase investor to be part of the telegram. Join here.