Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Customized investment solutions for > 50 Lakh investments

Green Portfolio offers the most customized investment products for Value, Growth and Momentum investing.

Our USP’s

  • Investment products for all kinds of investors
  • Staggered parking and liquidation of investments
  • Timing investment flow and parking surplus cash with liquid funds
  • Extensive and continuous research – Documented and shared with investors
  • Diversified portfolio having above 15 stocks
  • Split your portfolio among multiple schemes offered by us
Philosophy - Buying High Quality Companies
  • The company should have survived for a reasonably long period of time
  • The company should be profitable with Return on Equity of atleast 15pc
  • The Debt should be below 1 times
  • The revenues should be growing
  • The Balance Sheet should be strong
  • The company should be paying regular and reasonable dividends
  • Operating margins should be above 15pc
  • The company should be spending on product innovation and brand building
  • The taxes paid should be near the rate prescribed by Government
  • The management integrity, capability, and history should be good
Buying the stocks at the right price

Buying a Company at the right price helps us maintain a margin of safety on your investments. This helps us generate higher potential for capital appreciation. To find the intrinsic worth of the business we do a lot of research on the history of the company, current operations and near term potential growth.

We also lay a lot of emphasis on reading about our companies competitors, to get the exact picture of the business.

The company should be Resilient, have a High Addressable Business Opportunity, should have high capital efficiency, have competitive moat, have a management which is competitive and have integrity. While investing, we consider ourselves as a small owner of the business.

Special Multi-Bagger Fund

This is our flagship strategy with focus on identifying multi-bagger stocks at the right price. The key drivers of this portfolio are Atmanirbhar Bharat, Performance Linked Incentive Scheme, anti-dumping duty, Make in India and China Plus One.

Special is skewed towards growth stocks which are small and mid-cap stocks, that are available at a discount given its future cash flow generating capability.

Average market cap of the Special portfolio is nearly INR 24,000 crores and we refer to the BSE Midcap Index as our benchmark.

Dividend Yield Fund

Considering high growth, along with the dividend yields, we identify companies that provide us with the opportunity to generate capital appreciation with the rise in dividend income. This strategy is a multi-cap strategy but with an inclination towards midcaps. Companies in this portfolio perform well in a low interest rate environment.

Average market cap of the Dividend Yield portfolio is nearly INR 26,000 crores and we refer to the BSE Midcap Index as our benchmark.

MNC Fund

This strategy focuses on identifying unique stocks of the 100’s of MNC’s in India. We identify the ones having an excellent corporate governance structure, easy access to capital, competitive offerings, business MOAT, and access to patents and research of parent’s company.

Stocks under this portfolio are picked using our ‘High Quality Right Price’ philosophy.

Average market cap of the MNC portfolio is nearly INR 19,000 crores and we refer to the NSE MNC Index as our benchmark.

Smart Index Fund

Historically, one-third of the stocks in the NIFTY 50 outperform while the other companies underperform the Index. Through accurate valuation techniques we eliminate those stocks facing headwinds, and allocate capital to ones that are undervalued and those that are poised to outperform the index.

NIFTY 50 for reference, is a weighted stock market index which consists of 50 Blue Chip stocks ranging from Cement to Banking stocks.

Average market cap of the Index portfolio is nearly INR 5,00,000 crores and we refer to the Nifty 50 Index as our benchmark.


Provide your PAN card, Aadhar card and copy of a cancelled cheque


Sign our PMS kit (Demat, Agrement, Opening of bank account) *For NRI’s and Foreign nationals, we require a few extra documents that can be found in our FAQ here.


Money transfer (Transfer the Investment funds in Bank transfer or share transfer)


We notify you within a week as PMS is activated

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Portfolio Management Services (PMS), service offered by the Portfolio Manager, is an investment portfolio in stocks, managed by a portfolio manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the fund.

Portfolio management service provides you professional management of your portfolio with adequate risk control and continuous monitoring done by our research team.

Yes, an NRI can purchase shares of an Indian company on a stock exchange in India, under the portfolio investment scheme on repatriation and/or non-repatriation basis. A PIO is considered as an NRI and hence all the benefits / conditions apply accordingly.

We furnish the clients with Factsheets on a monthly basis which shows them performance on absolute as well as relative basis, shows them the changes in the top five holdings as well as change in weightage of top five sectors in the fund.

The Client will receive a dashboard from where they can see the latest value and changes on a live basis.

Portfolio Managers are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020. You can read about the regulations here.

From a tax perspective, an investor pays tax at the slab rate applicable to his level of income. This is where PMS could be considered more tax friendly vis-a-vis AIF. For example, if an investor in PMS earns Long Term Capital Gains on equity shares of INR 50,000 it is tax free for the investor as the gain does not exceed the limit of one lakh rupees. If it Exceeds 1 lakh rupees, then the Long term capital Gains tax would be levied at 10%.

Portfolio managers should have Rupees 5 Crores as net worth in the company taking the license.