If you don't have any Mutual Funds, but want an unbiased advise on which Mutual Funds suits your profile,
This is the package for you.
Kaunsa Mutual Fund
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Ranking in Indias top 3 investment companies by economic times, Green portfolio tries gives you the most researched guess of top performing Mutual Funds.

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Shifting investments have given better returns to 100% of
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Note: Historical Performance of Mutual Funds or Brand name does not guarantee a future return on mutual funds. A detailed Portfolio Research is needed to choose the best Mutual Funds for you.

Note: We help you create the best customized portfolio considering the best suited Mutual Fund categories for you

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Benefits with Green Portfolio:
How does Green Can Investing screen Mutual Funds:
Returns from different sector focussed funds, market caps weights and Debt-Equity schemes vary in different investment periods (as on 18.3.2020)
Historical returns do not guarantee a future return from a Fund (as on 18.3.2020)
You have to continuously monitor portfolio allocations of Mutual Funds and Switch