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In case you become a PMS client, the money is held with the custodian of your choice, we are partnered with Edelweiss, ICICI and Orbis. We simply give trade instructions to the custodian, and they handle the money.

In case you become a smallcase client, the money is invested through your own demat account under your own name, we provide you with the research to buy and sell stocks in the portfolio through smallcase platform.

At Green Portfolio, we determine the client’s risk tolerance and focus on providing the best solution to our clients. On the research front, our investment philosophy is kept stringent to ensure safety of client’s capital and alpha generation. You can read more about our investment philosophy here.

As a client to our portfolio management services, you get access to all research rationale, dashboard to track your investment, access to our research team, monthly factsheets and newsletters. As a smallcase investor, you get access to our weekly newsletters covering macro and micro research, weekly performance reports, webinars, etc.

To become a PMS client, you can click here to schedule a call with our team. To subscribe to a smallcase, you can click here and subscribe to the Green Portfolio Smallcase of your choice.